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Welcome to MCEL Business Services

We can provide you with business services ranging from Consultancy to Book Keeping, your one-stop-shop for financial management and ultimately saving you time and money.

Collecting money owed to you (on time) is pivotal in today's business environment. Good credit control not only greatly improves your business but can remove the stress from chasing money. Poor credit control often leads to a business going under.

Successful credit control isn't complicated but is best carried out by someone skilled in this area. The balance needs to be

struck between developing good credit management whilst maintaining customer relationships.

Why use a credit control bureau?

  • Your money comes in on time
  • You'll substantially reduce the likelihood of bad debt
  • It portrays a professional image of your business
  • Costs (and office space) can be dramatically reduced
  • Frees up your time to attracting new business and maintaining relations with your existing clients
  • You've no need to employ a costly credit controller